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Our vision

We are committed to giving our students a solid knowledge base, and helping them develop as 3D artists. Our mission is to help our students build a creative career and fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Who we are

Established in 2012, The Stars College prepares students to work in the 3D Animation and Video Game industries. We have more than 400 graduates. We are a niche technology group, but our industry has strong potential.

Our teachers

Our teachers, all longtime veterans of the industry, will do more than delivering technical skills. They will also teach the students good working habits and share the latest developments in the industry.

Dapeng ZHANG

Since 2006, he has been working as a Senior Artist at Virtuos computer software Ltd. (Shanghai Branch) and Art Director at Shanghai M7 Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Participated projects : "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" by the United States EA; "NBA" by the United States EA; "Need For Speed" by the United States EA; "Blade & Soul" by NCSOFT; "Highlander" by WideScreen; "Dream Journey To The West" (a game with more then 100 million online players) by Netease, China’s first online gaming company; "Disdain For The World" (the first web game) by Netease.

Daishi TANG

She graduated from Syn Studio Art school in digital painting and environmental design in 2014. Afterward, she trained in 3D games and video technology at Gray Stone Studio Concept Art and The Stars College. Her works are excellent with clear ideas, and she has strong artistic skills, thus becoming an assistant teacher at The Stars College. In her spare time, she plays a role in producing large projects in North America.

Yitao HE

From 2005 to 2013, he worked at UBSOFT Computer Software Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Branch), which is ranked sixth in the world; Epic Games, which is ranked ninth in the world; and as Art Director at EA, which is ranked second in the world.

Participated projects: "Splinter Cell" (Best selling game of Ubisoft); "UnrealTournament"; "Global Mission"; "Harry Potter" series; and "Dead Space".

Bohan SUN

He graduated from McGill University in Mechanical Engineering. Since 2013, he has worked for game engine company VoxelFarm; film company Blue Spirit Studio.

屏幕快照 2020-01-20 下午6.35.21.png
Xiaoou JIA

Graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a major in Sculpture. Now he is a 3D artist and digital sculpting artist. His works have won many awards. He has served as the artistic director at Motstudio, Klover Works, Kemeworks. He is specialized in anatomy and 3D printing technology, and has strong artistic attainment and originality.


His original work "Royal guard 3D" was collected into the top 3D platforms of ZBrushCentral and Artstation.

Yuan GAO

She have working in the visual arts and art education industry since 2004, and served at companies including  Advertising Company of Guangdong, China's largest domestic 4A advertising company; PRC Study of Beijing, Canadian educational exchanges and services company; EROICA RECORDS of the United States (Paris Branch); Paris WHITE SPIRIT creative design company. She is passionate for the arts and education industry.

Dongyuan SONG

She graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal in 2013 with a degree in Data Processing and Software Engineering and from McGill University in English Communication. She then attended the 3D animation and game production program for employment at The Stars College, and finished the program with excellent and skilled project. She has a clear mind and is always happy to help, thus accepted by school as a teacher. She one of our favorite teachers and good friend to our students!

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